something that fertile women don’t realize… we are happy for you. really, we are.

since i have talked openly with a few close friends about my diagnosis, i feel that although there is an amazing amount of support, there is also great isolation. these same friends don’t want to tell me when they themselves are expecting. a very close friend of mine sobbed hysterically into a turkey wrap when she told me that she, was in fact, pregnant.

again, i know this reaction comes from a place of extreme love and care for my feelings. but let me enjoy the experience of being happy for you! I can feel multiple emotions at the same time! Although I have been sad for me, it does not take away from the excitement and happiness I feel for you. You are my friend and you deserve all the happiness life has to offer!  You did not take up all the pregnancy.. there is still some left and i am going to get some!

Honestly, I have a good great life.  We are doing OK. We do whatever we want whenever we want and hardly ever fight about anything.  Brian tells me all the time, don’t worry, we will find a way to ruin our lives yet… and i believe him.


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