last shot

one egg. following insane amounts of drugs, i have one lonesome egg that should be on its little way down a tube to wait to meet brian’s sperm for a drink. i took my trigger shot last night and the insemination is tomorrow. i am all too familiar with this process, he goes at 8 to drop off the boys and I go in at 11 to get sperminated. and then lie around for 15 mintues in the doctor’s office with my hips elevated wondering the entire time how long i really have to lie there.

then i go back to work have lunch and meet with clients.

i do not have much any faith that this is going to work, but knowing that i did everything that i could is what i need to keep traveling down this path, my path.  to keep putting one foot in front of the other, to conciously choose to build our family with the help of a donor.  I often think of what that actually means, and what i keep coming back to is that is it nothing short of amazing.


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