fresh air

Airthe last three weeks have been amazing. in between jobs i had some time to myself to get this chick organized. i cleaned closets, added 4 white hydrangea to the front of the house where i had ripped out the 30 year old rhododendrons, spackled and patched holes that used to hold up photos that i later moved, visited with my mom and sister, hung out at the pool with my college roomate, wakeboarded every possible opportunity, went to visit the inlaws in upstate NY, worked in the garden, went on long walks, finished up some freelance projects that have been hanging around, did some work clothes shopping and ran about 15 errands that are too boring to write about. It was very good.

On Monday I started my new freelance job in hartford.. things are going great so far. the building is beautiful, old and huge, it’s actually 5 buildings with all types of “over street walkways” that connect them all. about 7000 people work in these buildings. my office looks out over the old state house and state house square. a welcome change from my last company with 11 twenty somethings in a teeny, smelly building with perpetually broken air conditioning.


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