in the mean time

we are still waiting for a photo of my #1 donor choice. It’s been almost two weeks since she promised to get it in, and i am getting a tad bit concerned. if it’s this hard for her to mail in a photo, how is she going to be able to handle the demands of the egg retrieval? they are holding our first two choices for us until we decide, so i guess we just wait. in the mean time, we have been playing hard. specifically, foil boarding. like wakeboarding wasn’t extreme enough, we now are riding 3.5 feet above the water on a hydrofoil. it’s honestly the coolest thing i’ve ever done in my life. i am blessed with the experiences i have had, i know this… i’ve zip lined through the costa rican rainforest, rode in a gondola over the swiss alps, seen the mona lisa, swam with all kinds of exotic fish… but this, this is FLYING.


we are enjoying our deadline free weekends.. where we have no concerns about time, where there is nothing we’d rather be doing.. just get up with the sun and hit the water and play until my hair is a curly matted mess and our skin is tight from all the sun. and then we limp home an climb into bed and dream about the next time we can get out there and do it all again.


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