today is saturday. it’s rainy and very humid for october. when i woke up this morning, i came down to the living room and watched the life of david gale. i stayed in my jammas  until 12:15. it was awesome. i have thought about that movie all day. it was very engaging and powerful, it examines life and death and the different degrees of living and dying.  kevin spacey plays a man on death row accused of the rape and murder of his close friend. They are both activists and their cause is saving the lives of people on death row, getting rid of the death penatly….

i have always been against the death penalty, even before i consciously knew it. as i young girl i knew that it was very wrong.

now more than ever i contemplate the preciousness of life. it is a gift! and it is beautiful. there is evil out there that does horrible things to people, but life in prison without the chance of parole is pretty awful. my opinion is that taking life is should not be something we do as a society.

Life is everything.


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