day 13: one day past retrieval

yesterday was the retrieval. i didn’t hear from the nurse all day and luckily i had an insanely busy afternoon at the office and i didn’t have time to think about it too much. today, i learned that we have 10 embryos! she said that was great, so i am very happy with that. i didn’t really know what to expect. today was the day brian was supposed to sky dive, but *luckily for me* it was too windy and down pouring and they got rained out. i had to go do my blood work this morning at 7:30, so i was heading over to the airport solo. i was so lost out in the country when brian texted me, “it’s not happening“. i met them over near the airport at a little town diner and we had some breakfast. nobody in the group knows what we are doing… although i know they would be supportive. i just don’t know them well enough. we spend every single weekend from may through september on our boats, wakeboarding, but i can’t imagine ever starting a conversation like “so, yeah,  i already went through menopause at 32… so…”

when the nurse called, my heart started pounding and i took the phone outside and stood in the rain talking to the nurse and she told me that she had great fertilization and gave me all the instructions for my transfer. I am home now. It’s so amazing and miraculous for me to think: i’m sitting on my big red couch, watching reality tv, eating a turkey sandwich… and 20 miles away, in a little white room, in a tinier glass dish, my babies are growing. growing! 10 of them!

again, wow! 🙂


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