transfer day

this morning was the transfer, it was surprisingly very quick and easy.  if you are doing ivf and they offer you the Valium, take it.  oh, God, take. the. Valium. i didn’t feel that it was helping with my anxiety on the ride over, but once i got into the scrubs and up on the table with my legs spread eagle, and a giant spotlight on my coochie, i was very glad to have had it. just a nice warm feeling that allows you to focus on relaxing and breathing, and not the fact that your heart is knotted like a pretzel and lodged in your windpipe.
we had 10 eggs fertilize, and 4 were of perfect A quality. we transferred 2 and froze 2. they will watch the others in the lab and on day 5 or 6 they will decide if any will have grown to 8 cells and are good enough quality to freeze. brian says if we have twins this time, we are done. i haven’t decided how i feel about that, but am taking it day by day.
watching the ultrasound was so strange.. i could see the embryos sliding down the catheter (wee!) and they both jumped right into my uterus! they were little white specs, floating in liquid. i rested on a stretcher in recovery for a while and brian took this picture of me and the embryos:

as i write this, i am home, camped on the couch, watching Ellen, and trying to relax. and now… returning to your regularly scheduled programming: more waiting.


One response to “transfer day

  1. Congratulations on your transfer! I just found your blog, and now I’m going to go backwards and gobble up every post — We will be following in your footsteps very soon, and I Can’t. Stop. Internet searching.

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