more waiting, but different waiting this time

one week down. 5 days more until i can take a test. in one moment, it’s almost intolerable, i want to throw my head back and scream and run in the woods and pound my fists in the air and shake my head and flip my hair around just to break the tension. in the next moment, i am relaxed and even tempered, doing yoga, reading, making eggplant lasagna. a close friend told me last week, “you are the only constant in your life, cherish you.” and in those inbetween moments, i am. i do.

there is this thing we do in yoga.. it’s called lions breath.. when you are holding a posture for a while and every muscle in your whole body starts to shake and fatigue and you keep holding and a layer of junk melts away and you keep holding and something shifts, and you experience openings and growth and you stop caring about the little things and in these moments you do lions breath, by exhaling with a loud sigh letting all tension project from the body and face and sticking out your tongue and releasing and letting it all go.

lions breath. lions breath. lions breath!


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