a window opens

today, a little bit of the fog lifted. an addtional brick in our infertility wall is that in-vitro is not covered under our insurance plan. it is mandated by the state of CT that in-vitro is covered for all residents unless you are a) working for a company of less than 25 people or b) your place of employment is self insured. brian works for a healthcare company that, yes, provides their own coverage to its employees rendering themselves exempt from this law. this corporation was featured in Michael Moore’s documentary “sicko” (highlighting the injustices in the healthcare system) and when i watched it, i threw up in my mouth a little. and cried. the people that were denied coverages in the movie needed those procedures to live, so my whining about my denied claims pales in comparison, but infuriates me none-the-less. this issue alone cast my vote for obama.

so, painstakingly, we have pay out of our rapidly dwindling bank account for all our in-vitro/egg donation attempts.
cost of our last attempt: $32,500.00.. and yet, no baby.

fast forward to today, this afternoon. for 5 months i have been freelance designing in-house for a very very large corporation, and today they made me a full-time offer, including all the benefits that employees receive… most importantly fertility treatment. including in-vitro. there is a 20k cap and it won’t include the donor eggs, but it’s something.


2 responses to “a window opens

  1. Yahhh! That’s fantastic news! Congrats on the job and haleluja (sp) on the insurance coverage! That definitely helps with some of the stressors of cycling. Best Wishes!

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