simple pleasures

the weekend before christmas we had a small snowstorm, hurling about 12 inches of snow all over connecticut. we stayed in, watched movies, made some homemade gifts and watched the world outside turn quiet under a deep blanket of snow.

Chocolate covered pretzels:

chocolate covered pretzels

Homemade organic ginger-apple granola:

today is christmas. we got up, and had some tea and egg sandwiches… found a peaceful view of the backyard… watched the deer for a while.. and then headed over to my mom’s for lunch. brian and i had a very quiet chirstmas eve, got some dragon rolls and some miso soup from the local sushi joint, drank some champagne, hugged on eachother.
he got me a beautiful dark wood easel, so i can set up a studio in our newly finished basement. i had painted large abstract pieces quite often in college and have only done about 3 pieces in the last 10 years so i am very excited by this gift.  i loved the feeling of laying out all the colored paint, all the intensity of the raw hues, the roughness of the stretched canvas, smearing gesso across it like warm butter across a giant piece of zucchini bread. i am interested to see what inspires me, to see what comes out when i put the brush to the canvas, to see who i am, how i’ve changed, what i can be a part of when i am not trying to have a baby.

merry christmas!


2 responses to “simple pleasures

  1. Hello,
    A Merry Christmas to you too!
    So excited to hear about your Christmas gift. IPOFA (Int Premature Ovarian Failure Assoc) is part of InArt Exhibition 2010. The mission is to provide an opportunity for women diagnosed with infertility to share their experiences through art.
    Please contact me or go to our website for more info.
    A blessed New Year,

  2. Hello!

    My name is Elisabeth, and I am an infertility / repeated pregnancy loss “veteran”. You can read a little bit about me and my experiences in my blog: . I am completing a PhD in Counseling Psychology, and my dissertation is focused upon the impact of infertility on marriage. I believe strongly that there is a need for better support services for men and women who are undergoing IF diagnosis and treatment, and my hope is that this study will aid in the development of such services.

    I am contacting you after stumbling across your blog. I am recruiting participants for my study, and wanted to invite you and your husband to take part. All that would be involved would be the completion of an online survey, that would take approximately 20 minutes. All couples who complete the surveys will receive a voucher good for a pair of free movie tickets at a Regal Cinemas.

    Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at .

    Best of luck to you!

    Member of a married, heterosexual couple
    Both you and your spouse are between the ages of 20 – 45
    You do not have any biological or adopted children living in your home
    You are not currently pregnant
    Either you, your spouse, or both has received an infertility diagnosis
    You have received treatment for infertility in the past six months, or plan to do so in the next six months
    Both you and your partner are willing to participate & have access to the internet

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