busy… with space

The last night of the year was very soft and quiet at our house… cuddled up on our big red couch as the sky turned dusk and the snowy woods turned to velvet. we watched the snow fall, made turkey & avocado paninis with balsamic dressing. we drank riesling, watched a movie and were both fast asleep by 11:30, only waking briefly to the *pop* bang! of the fireworks downtown.

I got up very early on the first day of the year and headed to a packed 2 hour yoga and meditation practice, setting the tone for the coming months. It was so heart opening and reminded me of who I am when I am not stuffed into the confines of my responsibilities… designer, cook, wife, daughter, patient.  I am consistently amazed at what yoga does for my body and mind, creating space in my joints, finding corners that I can release, let go, learn to live with ease. Let go of the thinking. The thinking, the thinking is what creates the anxiety. The thinking removes us from this moment, and it chases the past and it fantasizes about the future. The breath can keep us here, in this present moment. Take a long inhale, and a long exhale. Release the jaw and melt tension from your face. After class, as I was rolling up my mat and sliding on my hoodie a friend of mine said to me, “I like to keep busy… and busy is good for me, but what I like more is… busy with space” and I knew exactly what she meant.  In the midst of the struggle, the traffic, the meetings, the chores… enjoying space.


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