the needle lady

seems i have new friend in needles these days. doing all the shots for the last year and last week added some acupuncture into the mix. this wonderful soul, susan, is my 5 element TCM acupuncturist and in support of my upcoming ivf she needled my ankles, shins and belly. she has needled my eyes before, which provoked tears that i didn’t know were in there, and she filled my bellybutton with salt and burned moxie in it. it made the whole room smell like pot. she makes me laugh. i have read some positive things online about IVF and acupuncture and she has recently supported 7 people on their way to pregnancy. so, i’m hopeful.

i am feeling pretty good. i am feeling the vastness of the world. i am humbled by the devastation in haiti. i feel that i’m getting closer to my guts. i have had some interesting conversations with brian lately about the impermanence of our existence and rather than feeling upset and afraid, i am feeling that as long as i keep peeling back the layers and examining it all..  then i am closer to finding that peace that allows us to let go.


One response to “the needle lady

  1. your eyes? needles in your eyes? OUCH! I’m much better about needles now days and acu does not phase me. I usually get the ankles, feet, calves and belly – sometimes the ears and my wrists. I hope this works for you!

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