i am blessed. for this moment in time, i am grateful. i am also shocked and not sure if i can believe it. i took a home test last night and it was a faint line, darker than last time, but not nearly as dark as the control line. bri and i decided that it was a similar situation as last time, pregnant, but not a strong pregnancy. i was upset, more angry than sad, but we talked about our next steps, try again with a different donor.  hoped i could look at the profiles next week.  i went for my blood test this morning and then nurse called me at work with my results. Positive test, Beta 109.

i asked her to check and make sure she had the right chart, the sobs taking over my voice. last time, my first beta was 14. she said she was so happy to be able to make this call to me, she sympathized with how long this road has been.

i absolutely know anything can happen at this point but i am thrilled to know that my body can accept an embryo.  this the best news i have gotten in the 3.5 years we have been trying. i am thankful for these moments. next beta on tuesday.

i haven’t told brian yet, i called him at work the moment i hung up with the nurse but he wasn’t around. i didn’t leave a message.  i am waiting for him to get home from work, to take me out to dinner,  can’t wait to see the look on his sweet little face.


2 responses to “BFP

  1. Congratulations! What a great number! So nice that you and your hubby can have a weekend to really bask in the joy.

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