i had another great beta on thursday, now i am over 7200. grateful that we keep moving forward. last night we had my mom and dad and sister and her boyfriend over for pizza and we dyed easter eggs. it was a bit symbolic to be dying eggs and talking about eggs other than donor eggs. we also told my parents that we are pregnant, which was fun. we often play games and are very competitive and we usually play guys against the girls… i dragged out the pictionary and we started playing… on our first turn i drew out a little family (a dad with bald head and a goatee, a mom with long hair and a tiny baby with one curl) and my mom was trying to guess …  family? dad? baby? pregnant? …  then she looked up at brian and he stroked his goatee and winked at her and then she looked back at my drawing and saw the goatee and started screaming “oh my god! oh my god!”…


One response to “eggs

  1. I love how you told them…
    And you dying eggs. All very symbolic!
    I’m hoping the egg, bunny, baby lamb and new green grass vibe also energizes my little embryos growing in their dish, along with the one(‘s) in you!
    I’m happy for you.

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