thinking, waiting, and stuff in the mean time

so, i haven’t been posting much lately, not because i am feeling sad.. quite the opposite, i have been so busy doing things and have made a very good recovery.  i have been thinking lots about the bigger picture.. and since the miscarriage, i have been able to focus on other things:

1) The bedroom redecoration project that we started the day we found out the sac was empty is almost complete.  i am working on a painting that will go over the bed.. i will post photos when it’s all done. It feels so good in there that during the work week i forget to wake up and end up rushing to get to work on time, but the mood in there is so juicy and refreshing and totally worth it.
2) the closeness that we have experienced during that time is even stronger. we went couch shopping yesterday and we got a sectional with a double wide chaise on one end so we can both recline and watch movies together while lying all over eachother. a couch specifically designed to support our closeness, so.
3)  I am training for a 5K. I am doing the cool runnings couch to 5k program and am running the Race for a Cure in Bushnell Park on June 5th.  I could have probably done it without the training but i want it to be enjoyable.. and not miserable. And i want to come in at a respectable time.
4) I have been thinking about other things. It’s funny how when i was pregnant, I was so consumed with every pain, twitch, symptom or lack of, etc. Now I can just wake up, being me, and choose what to do, what to think about and what i am looking for out of life. We will try again, soon, but for the time being, I can enjoy not being pregnant.
5) We booked a trip to FL. We tried to go in January but it was unseasonally cold down there so we postponed. Now it looks like 85 and sunny and I can’t wait to get some sun on this bod and get some foilboarding in. Our friends have their ski boat down there near Orlando and we will have 3 full days on the water..  10 days away…
6) I am observing life outside. Outside of the house and outside of our journey to parenthood. It is beginning to get really green in connecticut, everything is lush and damp and i can see buds and small leaves on my maples and shrubs and my ornamental grasses are started to grow shoots. I have seedlings on my window sill that are peeking through the soil, and it’s truly a beautiful thing. It’s a perfect time for growth, and I am embracing it.


2 responses to “thinking, waiting, and stuff in the mean time

  1. So glad to hear you are doing well! What a great idea to get away now. Good Luck training for the race! Wishing you well!

  2. I am happy that you feel good. Your bedroom sound wonderful. I have a painting over my bed that makes me happy every time I open my eyes and see it. I hope you find a good one.

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