i was disappointed to learn this week that my center has a shortage of good donors. not to say there aren’t donors available.. but not really any “super producers”.  following my two miscarriages with my last donor, we are looking for someone who has a history of success and provides lots of eggs to freeze and there is really no one like that available. the nurse said i could wait until fall and “see what that brings”. Exactly what I want to do, wait looooonger.  I empathize with all the people waiting for things in this life..  a job, a partner, a child, an organ, death.

we went to look at two files of average donors yesterday. One has gotten 3 people pregnant with only one blast each left over for freezing. It’s risky. One of the donors we saw had only done one complete cycle and was in the middle of her second. Her first cycle was a success resulting in pregnancy..  and the couple got 11 multi and 5 blasts to freeze. Amazing. But we don’t have any info on the second cycle yet. The nurse is going to call me tomorrow with those results. We saw her file in october and because of her height we moved on. I am 5’10, she is 5’4.  I was looking for different things back then.


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