deep breaths

after a long memorial day weekend of waiting for my test results, the nurse called tuesday with good news, i don’t have a thyroid problem. i am not making the anitbodies that would be present, so the elevated levels were false. big breath out. i have noticed on this journey, and just my life in general, there are lots of held breaths and long exhales. i am working on keeping a natural easy breath, in and out. this is a challenge, to not spiral out of control into negative thinking. lately i am remembering that i construct my own reality, my mind is not in control, my feelings and thoughts aren’t stagnant and fixed, they can be changed, altered, shaped into something positive.

i met with the donor nurse last week and we planned out this cycle, which will hopefully end with 2 blasts transferred in early july. i am hopeful that everything goes according to plan. i completed a goal i had for a while this weekend, i ran my first 5K, the race for a cure, in hartford.  i had trained for 9 weeks and was able to run the whole thing and did it in under 32 minutes. yay! it was inspiring to see so many breast cancer survivors running and living and setting an example for us all.


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