still waiting…

i started on lupron last week and i am waiting for my donor to start her stims. when we initially planned out the cycle with the donor nurse, lots of things were up in the air in terms of timing… and now that things are getting a little more solid, it seems that the transfer will be two weeks later than planned, smack dab on the weekend of my 35th birthday.  i had booked a trip to providence for Waterfire a few months ago, i was looking forward to celebrating my birthday in another city, a fancy hotel room for brian and i, a nice night walk downtown, checking out the artists and music, eating dinner from a street cart, bringing back dessert to eat in the hotel room bed on the fancy sheets. not sure how things will turn out, but i am trying to stay flexible and positive.  i am nurturing my body. Today i started training for another 5K i will run in three weeks. brian and i went out for sushi, and sat outside in the sunshine. we considered it ‘getting a little saturday into our monday’. we had a great time, i am so blessed to have had him right next to me for the last 9 years.


One response to “still waiting…

  1. I wish you the best of luck for this cycle.
    It seems to be all slow and the ‘happen’ all at once hey!

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