independence day

my heart is full. i am blessed with a beautiful weekend on the water, pulling the boat off only when it gets too dark to safely pull someone behind you. my skin is warm (hot!) and brown, i had to put on sunscreen like every ten minutes, since it was a 95+ day here in connecticut. my sister came out for a little while. we haven’t revisited the conversation we had where i said “can you give me some eggs? k thanks, love you” and her saying “not now, but in a year, i so will.”

Really, it’s like nothing happened and we are back to talking about the usual stuff. how mom has really upped the crazy lately or how many cardigans a person who works in an office should own. (For the record, it’s 4, one black, one grey, one white, and then one a bright color like teal or hot pink.)

The nurse called yesterday and told me the donor started her stims. Meaning, around 10 days from now, they will take whatever eggs she makes, and 5 days from that, they will take a short little ride right into my uterus. on little wakeboards. and hopefully, they set up camp.

I am sitting on the new couch eating thai food and watching tv with brian. we are not dealing with a personal crisis, everyone we know and love it healthy, we are exhausted from doing what we love all a day long, and i am convinced it does not get any better than this.

Happy 4th!


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