Give it to mama…

I am feeling accomplished. Ran another 5K this morning, through the blooming rose garden of my old neighborhood. My sister-in-law kept pace with me for the entirety. The energy between us was magnetic, she’d pull ahead, then I’d weave around her. We kept our eyes on eachother. I blasted beyonce and pushed my limits. I’m not really a hip hop gal, usually I rock out to folk or jam bands like the Samples or Ben Folds, but I needed some ‘give it to mama’ to keep this body moving when it kept wanting to stop. Not sure my finish time, at the end I was focusing on getting this body over the mat before my SIL, but she beat me by about 3 seconds. I am guessing we squeaked in under 30 minutes. They post results tonight.

I was at the center at 7:15 for bloodwork and a lining check and there was already a room full of people (!) waiting, so I made an appt for tomorrow. I didn’t want to miss the race. I am feeling inspired. If this cycle doesn’t work, maybe I’ll do a triathlon.


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