Day 3

The nurse called me early this morning with the info we had been waiting for. I had been up for hours. I was putting my suitcase into my trunk in the hotel parking garage where it was already 97 degrees. When I saw the number come up on my iPhone, I had to run over to the edge of the garage, so I could hang my head out and take in some air. Brian watched me while standing very, very still. She had good news, she tells me that at least three if our embryos have made it to blastocyst criteria! Could be more, she doesn’t know yet, all she knows is that I won’t be coming in for a day 3 transfer today. I give Brian the thumbs up across the garage. He smiles. We start the drive back to Hartford, and stop for breakfast at a little diner on the way. We hold hands and kiss and eat omlettes and english muffins. Happy birthday to me.

The diner had a little sign on the wall that said, “Dear Lord, please put you arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.” It made me laugh, and there was nothing today that didn’t make me laugh. We foilboarded all afternoon and went out for burgers and fries with my family and then ate homemade ice box cake in a parking lot. My mom made the cake which is two kinds of pudding separated by graham crackers and it’s been my favorite since i was a kid, and she drove it all the way to me and put tiny little pinwheels on it. I well up thinking about how much my mom loves me.


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