2 in, 4 on ice

I am here. Things went very well, two great looking blasts are resting inside my inside. I am very hopeful this time will be the time, it’s our greatest chance yet, blasts from a proven donor. So. Sometimes I forget that they are in there, and then i have bri give me my progesterone shot, or change my patches and there it is again, right in the foreground. He calls the patches my “bumper stickers”. I am thinking good thoughts and I am doing fine with the waiting. My friend called it “delicious ambiguity”, this time of not knowing. It’s as Anne Lamott says, we are like the kid in the backseat of the car, in a car seat with a steering wheel, who really believes he is driving the car. I am not driving, I am resting, and breathing, and thinking of love and light and peaceful things.


2 responses to “2 in, 4 on ice

  1. Congratulations on your transfer! Looking forward to hearing the good news. I will be thinking about you and praying for you guys.


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