working on breathing

Tuesday morning, I’m at the office waiting for my laptop to start up, blogging from my iPhone. I’m feeling good. Yesterday I was on the edge all day, really can’t accept that I am pregnant. I am trying to detach from the last two losses, but because they happened and our experiences shape our reality, I think about them more than I probably should. Still, no symptoms. We are leaving on vacation on Saturday for two weeks, one in upstate ny, in Bri’s hometown, on the St Lawrence river. The second week on Lake Champaign with my family.
Won’t be doing any watersports which these trips were planned around, but I can drive the boat and pull Brian as he flips and jumps all of our toys behind me. For me there will be yoga, long walks, knitting, reading, playing with all the kids, resting. We decided not to tell brian’s family just yet.

The doctor said we could do a quick ultrasound on Friday, it will be too soon to actually see anything, but any info I can get before we leave will be good for me. The nurse said we can measure the sack, so. At the least we will see if there is one sack or two.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, thanks for the comments and the support. It’s immensely comforting. Peace and light to everyone!!


One response to “working on breathing

  1. How great to go on vacation right after finding out some fantastic news! 🙂 You and your hubby will have this wonderful little secret all to yourselves. It’s those little things that IF usually steals from us, so enjoy this moment and all the other small great pleasures that come with such a great outcome. Please post and let us all know if it one or two… I’m thinking it could be 2! Congrats again!
    All my best!

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