5 weeks 1 day

beta number today was over 10,o00, which i am thrilled about. the doctor let me come in for a quick ultrasound although he warned me that we really weren’t going to see much. i didn’t care. i just want to know how many sacs there were and if we could see anything inside them. we saw one sac containing one yolk sac! he said that we usually can’t see a yolk sac this early on, but we got lucky today.  I feel much better about leaving for vacation for 2 weeks with this extra little bit of information. i am so looking forward to some time off filled with yoga, long walks, knitting, reading, naps, swimming, playing with my nieces, milkshakes and our little secret. after i got out of work tonight, i went to pick up an eggplant pizza and came home to brian who was out in the yard, packing up the boat for our long drive tomorrow. “I’ve got something for ya!”, i said as i walked over to him holding the pizza. “Is it in there?” he asked with a grin pointing to my belly. Yes, sweet pea, it is.

i can’t say that i’m not disappointed that it’s not twins, but i’m adjusting.  i am feeling extremely grateful and blessed for a day like today. Anything can happen tomorrow, so all we really have is today.


One response to “5 weeks 1 day

  1. Yay! What a thrill to see the yolk sac so early! I’m so glad you have some peace of mind before you go away. Keep up your admirable positive outlook. Bask in the joy of what is happening now. Can’t wait for more updates.


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