Almost six weeks

This week has been wonderful. It’s warm, sunny and everywhere I look, I see water. We have filled our days with being outside. So far, we have kept our secret, although I do think bri’s sisters have some suspicions. They have been thankfully sweet about it and haven’t pushed at all. It helps to not feel any added pressure. When you go through a few losses like we have, you feel this immense pressure to produce a child, you were so close, lots of doctors have invested in you, people really want it to happen for us, who am I to stand in the way of everyone getting what they want. I mean, come on and have a baby already. So, having a secret bun in the oven does help by keeping it secret. Bri has taken to calling it the “junior mint”.

I have been taking long walks and thinking good thoughts. I don’t feel pregnant at all, sometimes when I’m distracted, I forget. And then I remember and it’s like my heart wells to the size of a seedless watermelon.


One response to “Almost six weeks

  1. I wish you all the best. If we want something really bad enough in life, we must go after it again and again. Fortunately, what you set your mind to is well worth it and one of the most beautiful things on earth. I wish you all the best and that this may be the time when you will give birth to a beautiful, healthy and happy baby.

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