junior mint

this afternoon brian picked me up early from work and we drove to the center for our first ultrasound. once we got into the little room with the paper sheets, brian was trying to take my mind off how nervous i was by cracking jokes and singing silly songs. i could tell he was very nervous, too.
it was weird to have him in that little room with me, for the last 3 years, i have been in there countless times all alone. i was so thankful he was there today, even though i told him to shhhhh after we both realized the long winded story he had launched into had no point and was going nowhere.

the doctor came in and preformed the ultrasound but the screen was positioned in a way that at first i couldn’t see what was going on. I was just watching the faces of the doctor, nurse and medical student, and they were smiling. The baby is doing great, measuring 2 days ahead with a heart rate of 154! Blessed. Today I am so wonderfully blessed.


3 responses to “junior mint

  1. A heartbeat, a heartbeat! Oh, you wonderful milestone!!

    I am so very, very happy to see your magnificent news yesterday. You must be over the moon. Oh, how absolutely wonderful.

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