14 weeks 4 days

things are going remarkably well. i had an amazing first trimester, never got sick or felt unusually tired or anything. I had a great 14 week appointment last week, didn’t do a whole lot but did get to hear the heart beat again which is always exciting and it came in loud and clear at 160 bpm. My next appointment isn’t for a month which will be the longest i’ve gone between visits, so i am trying to stay busy in the mean time. We have told most of our friends and family our good news, but I haven’t told my boss or coworkers yet. I don’t know why, i just don’t want things to be different at the office. And the management team is in the middle of solidifying our raises and bonuses, so I don’t want this pregnancy to play any part in that. Although I do think I am going to have to tell soon. the man that was doing my nails yesterday said to me, “So, you have baby?”… which surprised me since he was the first stranger to comment on my little bump. and it’s little! My work clothes are a little more forgiving than the leggings and teeshirt I had on yesterday, but i think i’m really starting to show! I have been waiting four years to get a belly like this!

We spent some time over the weekend finishing up the robins egg blue guest room which has been empty for the last 3 years. We didn’t need the space, so we just closed the door and forgot about it. The trim needed to go up and get painted bright white and brian had to custom make some window sills and a few other odds and ends. Now it’s finished and still empty, so I get to go shopping and decorate. It will keep me entertained until our 20 week appt when we find out the gender and then we can start on the nursery!

I woke up extremely dizzy this morning, i could barely stand up while brushing my teeth so i decided to take a sick day. I called the nurse and she said to just take it easy, it could be a number of things, dehydration, not eating right, changes in blood flow or volume, etc. She said to call back if i don’t feel better in a while. I am staying calm and comfortable and watching movies and reading. I watched “the business of being born” which i really loved, it’s a documentary by Ricki Lake which discusses hospital births versus home births.  I am reading “extraordinary knowing” which is about channeling our natural intuition.

It was such a beautiful weekend here in Connecticut. I did some morning yoga and then walked around an apple fair with my friend and fellow yoga instructor, who is also pregnant. I am 3 weeks ahead of her and it’s been so much fun to have a friend in this!  Yesterday i worked out in the yard trimming back some of my plants and ripping out the remains of my vegetable garden. Then Brian and i had sandwiches from my favorite sandwich shoppe and took a wonderful long walk through a nearby rose garden (which still had roses in bloom!) and felt the sun on our faces and soaked up this very simple pleasure.


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