20 weeks

i am feeling the baby move more and more each day. it’s like little twirls and bumps and it’s such an amazing reminder of the life i am nurturing  and growing within my own.  we have started thinking of names and nursery ideas and the kinds of foods I will make and where she will spend her days. I am reading “super baby foods” and “the sleep solution” and “the idle parent”.   i am taking in all the quiet time and the special moments with brian and each day i am feeling incredibly buoyant.

this week we will host thanksgiving and 17 people over to our house for lunch. i am doing this holiday much simpler than i have in the past, for obvious reasons, but at the core, it’s because i am feeling drawn to doing less and being more. i’d like to spend this time with my family, drinking tea and playing games, instead of spending the entire time in the kitchen making two different variations of “potatoes”. I am going to make a raw apple crisp as my special dessert this year, consisting entirely of: chopped apples, raisin, candied pecans, cinnamon and nutmeg.  simple.

the rest of the weekend contains various appointments and errands and on one of the days we will paint the nursery. It’s going to be a light mocha color with light pink and grey accents.  i haven’t bought one thing for the baby yet and she is already starting to receive hand-me-downs which is so wonderful and we are so thankful. hopefully i can continue this mission to keep things simple and i won’t be swayed by any tiny cute things like baby uggs or tiny pink north face jackets.



One response to “20 weeks

  1. Hope all is well on your journey. I found you by way of lost and found. I have a 7 month from DE and I am in western mass, probaby not far from you.
    In any case, good luck on your journey. I am always here, just a few months ahead on the path to maternal bliss…

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