week 26

happy new year to all you bloggers and blog readers! it has been a very busy holiday season at our house. today is my last day off for the holiday and i am lounging on the couch with the laptop and some tea. it feels wonderful. the only thing on my agenda today is to teach yoga at 5:30. sweet obligation-free bliss for the whole afternoon. ooooommmmm.

the last few weeks have been great, each day my body is changing, belly getting bigger, getting tired more easily, reminding myself to slow down and take it all in. the days fly by at work, and at night, i have been knitting and reading and watching childbirth videos and setting up our registry. brian felt the baby kick a while ago with his hand on my belly and now he can feel her all the time. I can see little bumps and movements on the outside of my belly! And it seems as the whole belly has shifted up.. i don’t know if this is true or not, but she seems a bit higher now. I am feeling this extra weight on my body, have gained about 22 pounds to this point and i feel it when i roll out of bed 6 times a night to pee. I feel heavy. But i also feel very jolly, much like santa claus.

yesterday my parents came over to help me clean the basement. it was such a disaster that i was having trouble sleeping at night, knowing that a) we had mice that were making little nests in my snowboarding pants and b) that there was almost no where to walk or put new things that we are acquiring from friends for the baby. Brian pulled everything out of the cedar closets we have down there and cleaned up all the dust and mouse droppings and then my mom helped me put everything into rubber bins and label everything and stack it away.  we now have room for a craft corner when i have all my sewing stuff and my paints and easel, we have an area for the treadmill and weight bench and then an area with a big red couch for hanging out.

while we were on basement detail, brian and my dad put together the furniture for the nursery. it’s adorable! while crib, dresser and changing table and oatmeal walls. white curtains. the accents will be grey and light pink. I have gone in there at least 5 times since yesterday to just look at everything and to imagine the little baby that will be in there, and how long we waited for her to come.


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